About Us

Our Story

Off the back of completing a film and screen media degree, with professional work experience at WIN and 7 news, I wanted to pursue my passion of storytelling and connecting with the community through the videos I had created for business owners.

This & That Media was born out of that and after only two years in full operation we have had an abundance of experience in multiple industries. Creating various types of content and exceeding our customers expectations along the way.  

Our values

We operate by five main principles with our work…

Meaningful Connections

Our work is meaningful and the relationships we have with our customers should be as well. Nothing of significance can be done alone either and requires relationships to be formed internally and externally. So before we move forward with any project we need to know that we can get along with the people involved. That there can be mutual transparency and respect for each other in alignment with the goal at hand.


Ideas are the seeds for creativity. Creativity is what we help our customers with. Without ideas we’d be useless. Some ideas we or our customers have are less refined than others, and rather than “jumping off and making the parachute on the way down” we take the time to nurture ideas and their purpose relative to the task at hand. Then we can have peace of mind that our “parachute” won’t fail or have any major complications along the way.


We want to make creativity a simple process for businesses to achieve because creativity is how you solve the most complex problems. In business and life. Creative tasks can become messy and complicated so we have process systems in place to ensure our customers are comfortable and at ease throughout the project. We don’t want to be unclear on anything so we have references for our customers that detail what is being produced and the timelines of the project as well to make sure we stay on budget too.


We want to exceed our customers expectations in every project and be proud as well as satisfied of what we produce ourselves. We reflect with the help of feedback from our customers and discussions internally to understand what worked, what didn’t and how we can improve moving forward to keep raising the bar and continually growing.


Our work is about capturing and sharing the real you. We aren’t here to create anything that is going to be misleading. We want to work with people who are going to make a genuine marketing effort with their business and not try pull one over potential customers. Businesses that have clearly defined values and stick to them in their work (authenticity) tend to have more success connecting with customers.