Library of Video Content Created In Under 3 Months

Customer Overview & Goals

Amy Paulinich, from Appetence Families provides natural midwifery services for anti-natal and post-natal women. Her goal with creating video content was to provide mums with the online resources to help change their pregnancy and birth experience for the better!

The Brief

Create easy to access free content for mums to get through their pregnancy by the end of the year. Educate them with evidence based information, answering a lot of their questions and giving them the empowerment and peace of mind to continue their pregnancy safely.

The Results

In our short three month period of working together, we have created a whole library of content for Amy to sell to her customers, including;

  • 10 x 10-15 minute Yoga Flow Videos
  • 6 x Audio Guided Meditations
  • 3 x Podcast Episodes
  • 1 x 3 part Body Balancing online course

Coming away with a library of content that is jam-packed with value for her customers and makes her stand out as a thought leader in her industry. Not to mention generate passive revenue streams for her business moving forward!

We are extremely satisfied with the results of the content and look forward to hearing how they are received by her audience while continuing our relationship moving forward and creating more content!

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