4 Mobile Marketing Tips For 2020

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Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses that are looking to effectively connect with their target audience in 2020.

Here at This & That Media, we thought that whilst we self-educate ourselves every day as a growing social media agency, it would be handy to help you gain a better understanding of all things social media.

This article is a bitesize summary of our recent learnings through Facebook Blueprint and give you four tips for how you could approach your mobile marketing effectively this year for your businesses social media.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Today there is more time spent on mobile than any other marketing devices. Even among some TV audiences, multi-screening has also become common. A recent Facebook IQ study showed people looked at their phone 31% of the time while watching TV.

CISCO has forecasted that mobile video will grow even more in the coming years. Predicting that by 2022, 79% of mobile data traffic will be video.

Marketing Towards Movement

With people always on the move with their device in their pocket, the tools available for mobile marketing in 2020 enables businesses to reach their customers exactly where they are. Facebook’s detailed targeting allows businesses to connect with their target audience through their location, demographics, as well as current customer profiles and people similar to them.

More than 64% of adults on social media view video content at least once per day on social media. That jumps to 72% when looking at 18-34 year olds. All predominantly on mobile.

Most of the videos on social media are short with people aimlessly flicking through one piece of content to the next but there are also people tending to block out more planned long viewing sessions i.e. after finishing work to relax and digest long periods of content.

How you can capitalise on this information?

Knowing this, here are a four things to consider when planning your mobile marketing in 2020 to give the best chance of an effective outcome.

Keep your message simple and short

if you think of the ads that capture your attention whilst scrolling through social media, they will have had a concise message that triggered a response and also made sense! So try do the same when developing your campaign. Get creative like this example from McDonalds!

Simple mobile marketing message, McDonalds

If you have a more complex message, try in-stream video ads

It might not be possible to shorten or simplify your offer and for that in-stream adverts are ideal to ensure your ad is viewed until completion. You know those annoying ads you can’t skip? That’s what in-stream ads are!

In-stream video ad example

Right time right place

You probably have some idea of how your customer behaves but you can’t know when and where they’re on social media, and if you do that’s a little creepy! To optimise your chances of serving your ads at the right time use Facebook’s “Automatic placements”. It does all the stalking for you across all of Facebook platforms (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and Audience Network). You can learn more about how that works here.

Measure and improve

To understand what ads work and ads that don’t, Facebook has tools to help you review the performance of each ad you create. Including which creative, copy and placements provide you with the best results. You can also follow conversions across multiple devices including mobile, tablets and desktops to inform you on how to be more effective with your media and marketing strategies. You can learn more about what they provide here.


There you have it!

Four simple steps for you to take away and implement into your mobile marketing plans.

We understand that marketing can be a complex task for most businesses as there are so many moving parts, including mobile.

Here at This & That Media we hope this gives you a better understanding of how to utilise these powerful platforms. We want to serve the community and our treasured clients as best we can.

For more general social media information you can schedule in for our FREE 20-minute consultation here.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur

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